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Women’s Formula P3

Support for physical and mental performance

20 Seiten PatientenratgeberWomen's Formula P3 is a premium combination of micronutrients with 15 vital substances, which combat a loss of vital substances from taking contraceptive pills. The formula was adapted to the most recent scientific knowledge.

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29,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 371

Women's Formula S2

Pregnancy & lactation, desire for children

Women’s Formula S2 is specifically adapted to the nutritional needs of women who are planning to get pregnant or already are, up until they finish breastfeeding.

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66,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 372

Women's Formula W4

Menopause, endocrine system

Women's Formula Q4 for harmony and balance during menopause. The natural formula supports you with special women’s herbs such as red clover, hops, sage and St. John’s Wort.

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49,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 375

VitAge 120® Women's Best

Immune system, pro-aging, hormone system

Complex with 16 bioactive contents from vegetables, fruits and herbs, manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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28,00 €
50 ml
Item no. 150

Yam forte 680mg Capsules

Hormone system, performance increase

To support normal hormonal balance – young, fit and full of life

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32,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 369

Lady's Mantle Tincture

Women, climacteric

Used for common gynaecological disorders in menopausal symptoms and against excessive menstrual bleeding, in stomach and intestinal complaints. It is preferred for blood purification treatments to remove skin impurities. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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39,00 €
Item no. 3012

Natur Mineral Complete Powder

Acids bases household, joints, cardiovascular, skin, sports, muscle, figure

Natur Mineral Complete is the easiest way to supply the body regularly with natural alkaline minerals as supplement. The premium mixture contains over 74 minerals and vital elements in ionised form and can therefore be quickly and easily absorbed by the body and used for the regulation of the acid-base balance. This way it contributes towards well-being through de-acidification.

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38,00 €
Item no. 113

Omega 3 forte EPA 400/ DHA 300

Cardiovascular, blood vessels, eyes

Valuable omega-3 fatty acids rich in EPA and DHA & Vitamin E. High-dosage EPA 400 mg and DHA 300mg per capsule. Best fish oil Totox value of 3–5. The fish oil is sustainably made from wild caught anchovies, cleaned and is free from heavy metals.

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45,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 1052

Venenfit Phyto Complex

Light and relaxed legs, vein care

Venenfit Phyto Complex – plant power to support the venous system. The veins perform heavy labour every day. Every day thousands of litres of blood flow through the veins to the heart. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the veins as we age.

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27,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 345

VitAge 120® Drinking Ampoules

Sport, fitness, performance

Daily cell protection. The comprehensive vital substance combination guarantees the optimum supply of all important vital and cell protection nutrients. The synergy effect guarantees a reciprocal supplementation and strengthening of complex effect on all cells, tissues, organs and organ systems.

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108,00 €
30 Drinking Ampoules
Item no. 200

Vitamin D3 5.000 I.E. 30ml

Immune system, cardiovascular, skin, bones, musculoskeletal system, metabolism

Vitamin D3 drops 100% natural. One drop of vitamin D3 contains 5.000 I.E. Cholecalciferol. The drops facilitate absorption through the oral mucosa.

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47,00 €
Item no. 129

Vitamin K2-MK7 Drops

Joints, bones, heart, circulation, liver, antioxidant

Regulates calcium metabolism. Healthy, strong and solid bone – dental health, arteriosclerosis.

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29,00 €
15 ml = ca. 400 drops
Item no. 356

Iron and Vitamin C

Immune deficiency, iron deficiency

Increases performance – athletes, pregnant women and vegetarians. Strength in life.

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19,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 166