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Cardinal Tinctures Created with Alchemy According to Paracelsus

Holistic effect on body, mind and soul

Energy is

Kardinal Tinkturen Broschüre (deutsch)

the absolute basis of all forms of life. Energy is a dynamic force that flows through our bodies in a constant stream. Sufficient energy is a requirement for health and youth.

spiritual, mental level: ethereal energy, vigour, vital energy or Qi.
physical level: material energy, mineral substances, vital elements, minerals etc.
Energy Profile:


Every material body

has ethereal organs called chakras and is supplied with a fine system of channels. Medicine calls these channels meridians.

Every weakness, every illness

is at first a disturbance in the subtle spiritual body of the human. Only when we ignore it for long, it somatizes, meaning that the disturbances get manifested through symptoms and sickness. Sickness and stress deprive the body of energy and without energy, cells and tissues cannot regenerate.

ENT Komplex 1 Kardinal Tinktur

ENT – Complex 1

Organ-System Classification: Purification
Emotional Analogy: End the old, get in the flow

Ingredients: Birch, stinging nettle, burdock, ginger, dandelion, asparagus, buckthorn plantain, sweet clover, centaury, thuja, juniper, walnut, yucca, lemon

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REI – Complex 2

Organ-System Classification: Bowel/Digestive system
Emotional Analogy: Let go and enjoy

Ingredients: Aloe vera, artichoke, gentian, galangal, ginger, Icelandic moss, cardamom, curcuma, pepper, salvia, chicory, wormwood, yucca

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PAR – Complex 3

Organ-System Classification: Immune system/Parasites
Emotional Analogy: Set limits, stand with myself

Ingredients: Grapefruit, garlic, taheebo, myrrh, carnation, green papaya, propolis, black walnut shell, Siberian ginseng, juniper, frankincense, wormwood

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SCH – Complex 4

Organ-System Classification: Heavy metals/Connective tissue
Emotional Analogy: focus, complete tasks

Ingredients: Angelica, bear’s garlic, Roman pellitory, stinging nettle, chlorella, ginger, coriander, holy thistle, masterwort, sarsaparilla, walnut, chicory

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DIA – Complex 5

Organ-System Classification: Diabetes/Metabolism
Emotional Analogy: Enjoy the sweetness of life

Ingredients: Artichoke, fenugreek, green beans, gentian, gingko, ginseng, huckleberry, holy basil, dandelion, Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, cinnamon, onion

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STA – Complex 6

Organ-System Classification: Strengthening/Structuring
Emotional Analogy: Self-assessment, activity/balance of heart and understanding

Ingredients: Aronia berry, locoweed, cordyceps, verbena, royal gel, ginseng, guarana berry, oats, mangosteen, propolis, roseroot, schisandra, Siberian ginseng

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RHE Komplex 7 Kardinal Tinktur

RHE – Complex 7

Organ-System Classification: Rheumatism/Joints/Knees
Emotional Analogy: Movement and flexibility

Ingredients: Bamboo, birch, stinging nettle, elder, Indian diuretic tea, dandelion, pepper, sand sedge, sarsaparilla, juniper, willow bark, frankincense, common horsetail

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Quinta Essentia 21

Organ-System Classification: Acid-base balance/excretory organs
Emotional Analogy: The faithful helper in all life situations

Ingredients: Blessed thistle, bogbean, buckwheat, angelica, ground ivy, witch hazel, elder, calamus, mullein, coriander, lovage, dandelion, holy thistle, masterwort, mistletoe, horse chestnut, carline thistle, centaury, grape seed, hawthorn, common horse tail

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VitAge 120® Women’s Best

Organ-System Classification: Cell protection/heart circulation, hormonal and immune system, liver and gall bladder/urinary passage/detoxification and purification
Emotional Analogy: Strengthens the feminine being

Ingredients: Pineapple, broccoli, buckwheat, lady’s mantle, yellow gentian, royal jelly, goji berry, lemon balm, passionflower, Brussels sprouts, red clover, yarrow, soya beans, grapes, walnut, common horsetail

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VitAge 120® Men’s Best

Organ-System Classification: Cell protection/heart circulation, hormonal and immune system, prostate/liver and gall bladder/urinary passage/detoxification and purification/stress buster
Emotional Analogy: Strengthens the masculine being

Ingredients: Broccoli, cranberry, ginseng, goji berry, pomegranate, hops, carrot, squash, holy thistle, maca, muira puama, propolis, schisandra, tomato, grape seed, hawthorn

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Body Slim Fit

Organ-System Classification: Body management/Weight reduction
Emotional Analogy: I’ll free myself and become myself.

Ingredients: Pineapple, artichoke, avocado, barberry, birch, kelp, cayenne pepper, grapefruit seed, guarana, dandelion, mangosteen, green papaya, asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke, juniper, walnut

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11 Unique Cardinal Tinctures

For Prevention and Regeneration

After years of research and intensive development work, our specialists have been able to use the alchemic preparatory method for extracting herb, root, resin, vegetable, fruit and algae essences besides those of healing plants. The result has been a collection of complex tinctures.

  • Made according to spagyric principles
  • Comprehensive energy for body, mind and spirit
  • Removing blockages and strengthening the power of the self
  • Complex substances with broad spectrum of effect
  • Plants, herbs, vegetables, fruits, roots and algae
  • Optimum bio-availability
  • Improves the absorb-ability and use in all cells
  • Supports the channelling of vital substances into cells
  • Broad cell information and cell protection
  • Elimination and regeneration

Alchemic Manufacture According to Paracelsus

The alchemic manufacture takes place according to an ancient, holistic natural healing procedure that has its roots in pre-Christian times. The active principles of healing plants are released and processed according to the complex regulations of alchemy.

How do the EVOLUTION drops work?

Completely on the body, mind and soul. The special type of manufacture enables the drops to contain a dynamic that can initiate regeneration processes in the body. The drops have the principles of life “programmed” in them and thus give the body not only the energy of the plants, but also the “programme” of how to use it.

How can the drops be used?

The drops can be used for a number of problems. They can be used independently or even as complementary treatment with a homoeopathic or conventional treatment. Evolution products strengthen the vital force of the body and promote the regeneration processes. The reactivation of life’s dynamics also stimulates the detoxification of the body. It leads to a perceptible relief of the metabolism.