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Organic Lavender Cosmetics

Organic lavender oil, organic lavender hydrolate and organic lavender soap from Austria

Organic lavender – 100% naturally grown in Austria.

The calming scent and the vibrant purple of the plants. One immediately thinks of lavender. Lavender, in whatever form, creates an atmosphere of purity, freshness and well-being

In 2012 a lavender field was created in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel with much love and manual work. We obtain the lavender from this organic certified lavender field.


Organic Lavender Oil – Calming & Balancing

Has a relaxing, calming and balancing effect. The fragrant lavender oil can be used in a variety of ways: as skin care, for wound healing, against viruses, bacteria and parasites, in aromatherapy, for room fragrancing or as cosmetics. It can assist with inner restlessness or anxiety.


Organic lavender hydrolate – 100% blossom water

In herbal distillation, genuine hydrolates are made from freshly harvested organic lavender in the highest quality and purity. The hydrolate is versatile and can be used for example as a facial toner, pillow spray or skin care. 100% pure lavender hydrolate from certified organic cultivation in Austria.


Organic lavender soap – mild and gentle to skin

The cold-stirred soap made from natural oils with the classic fragrance is moisturising, does not dry out the skin, but cares for it and is well suited for all skin types.

EVOLUTION Lavender Cosmetics

Organic lavender oil

Aromatherapy, cosmetics, room fragrancing

- Has a relaxing, calming and balancing effect
- Can be used against viruses, bacteria and fungi
- 100% free of additives
- From certified organic cultivation in Austria

Bio Austria Garantie

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Organic – good for the environment and good for me!

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Our lavender products are vegan and bear the seal “Certified organic cosmetics from Austria Bio Guarantee”.