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Metal Essences Created with Alchemy According to Paracelsus

Holistic effect on body, mind and soul



Planet Energx: Sun
Energy System: Root-Heart-Crown Chakra Application

Gives the life force of the masculine foundation, the sun. Its influence is energy, vigour, vitality, healing and vitalisation. Gold Essence can harmonise the energetic organism according to the alchemic chakra teachings. As a carrier of the sun’s principles, it brightens up the emotions and mind and increases the spirit’s vitality. It helps with mood fluctuations and supports spiritual and mental development.

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Planet Energy: Moon
Energy System: Solar Plexus-Sexual Chakra Application

Gives the life force of the feminine foundation, the moon. Its influence is rhythm, regeneration, growth, sensitivity, fertility, reproduction and generally all constructive processes. Silver essence serves as an energetic support for increasing charisma, sexual attraction and a sense of loyalty. It is calming and balancing.

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Energy is

the absolute basis of all forms of life. Energy is a dynamic force that flows through our bodies in a constant stream. Sufficient energy is a requirement for health and youth.

spiritual, mental level: ethereal energy, vigour, vital energy or Qi.
physical level: material energy, mineral substances, vital elements, minerals etc.
Energy Profile:


Every material body

has ethereal organs called chakras and is supplied with a fine system of channels. Medicine calls these channels meridians.

Every weakness, every illness

is at first a disturbance in the subtle spiritual body of the human. Only when we ignore it for long, it somatizes, meaning that the disturbances get manifested through symptoms and sickness. Sickness and stress deprive the body of energy and without energy, cells and tissues cannot regenerate.

Metallic Essences made according to spagyric principles

Anywhere in nature, where energy flows, where colours blaze, where light transforms into material form and chemical building blocks create organic life, there are metals at work.
They are the work masters of life and “control rooms” of life energy in the plant as well as human bodies. Without their help in metabolism as important vital elements, catalysts and components of enzymes, we could not survive When we consume metals with our nutrition, then our body needs to first digest and convert it ‘alchemically’ in order for it to become usable. Depending on individual constitution, current health and spiritual-mental growth, internal digestion takes place, but often only insufficiently. Which means that the emotional-spiritual and mental-spiritual metallic forces are not utilised completely. However, if the metals have been prepared according to the high alchemic essence according to Paracelsus, their entire energy – body, mind and spirit – are immediately available as very high energy and complete information.

Metallic Essences – A high quality light energy

In every individual cell, there are up to 100,000 chemical reactions per second. The “inner light”, the biophotons discovered by Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp, of the organism control this torrent of productivity. The significant importance of the metals now lies in the fact that they can connect with the numerous spiral molecules in our body. And this in turn influences the properties of the spiral molecules as antenna, as a type of tuning fork, for the spiral molecules and therefore considerably influences the “light communication” of our entire body. The amount of this “light” decides whether we are fit and vital or sick with weak defences. The entire ageing process has its energetic origin in a disruption of this light energy.

Basic application

A simple form of application useful for all is the energetic base application of sun and moon. To do so, use the Gold Essence in the morning and Silver Essence at night. Together, they strengthen and harmonise the two polar energy currents in people, the masculine and feminine principle, the yin and yang forces. When ‘sun’ and ‘moon’, the masculine and feminine are not in conflict in the body, then the two polar powers can flow in the body unrestricted and unified and there is a completely new vitality. The energetic base application equally comprises body, mind and soul. It activates and harmonises the body and emotions as well as the consciousness.