EVOLUTION International

Holistic products for health, figure and fitness

EVOLUTION is an Austrian owner-operated family business with head office in Villach in the Lake Wörthersee region. As a leading manufacturer of innovative, natural dietary supplements, we are the specialist in holistic products for health, figure and fitness.

EVOLUTION combines modern nutritional medicine with the ancient knowledge of herbs.

The health industry experiences an onslaught of trends – most are just flashes in pan and then vanish away without a trace. EVOLUTION is different, more principled, holistic, all-embracing. Instead of offering short-lived instant solutions, we have instead been intensively involved for more than 25 years with the modern nutritional medicine and combine it with herbal knowledge handed down over the years. This approach has helped our unique EVOLUTION method evolve. It is a method that solely focuses on a sustainable revitalisation and support of the human immune system. And we do it holistically, because we firmly believe that body, mind and soul need to work together to achieve a noticeable effect.

To be fit, you need a balanced interplay of body, mind and soul.

Herbert Schamberger und Herbert Schamberger jun.Our conviction is based on experiences from the last decade, in wholehearted agreement with the world’s best holistic medicine doctors. Combining ethereal and material energies, we are able to create optimum bio-availability and efficiency at the physical as well as spiritual and mental level with our natural dietary supplements. Our holistic products are 100% natural. They change cell voltage, improve cell communication and cell consciousness. Every outcome requires your time, a lasting one a little more of it. We like to provide support to our customers when they’re on their way to spiritual and physical well-being.

To your health!
EVOLUTION is a ‘pioneer’ in the market in the development and manufacture of natural dietary supplements equipped with the related experience and competence. All products by EVOLUTION, registered and protected in the trademark register, have been successfully marketed since 1987 through our successful partners. This way, EVOLUTION provides every person the chance to become economically independent and determine their income on their own.

Herbert Schamberger, Geschäftsführer / InhaberCompany’s Founder Herbert Schamberger

15 years of consultancy in the pharmaceutical industry opened up insights and intuition that were decisive in helping me show people another, natural way to reclaim robust health and optimise vitality. I see it as my life’s calling to develop holistic products and strategies that allow for the notions of prevention and natural regeneration. The international commercialisation of a ‘healthy idea’ will continue to be the drive and fruition of my work in the future.

Herbert Schamberger jun.Herbert Schamberger Junior

I discovered as a young boy the virtues of a natural life style and have since then been interested in holistic solutions and experiences. I acquired a degree in apothecary, trained as an alternative practitioner, government recognised massage therapist and spa manager (at Kneipp).

The basis of my world view and well-grounded competence is advanced training in the field of holistic health such as Spagyrics and plant alchemy, orthomolecular substitution, acupuncture, homoeopathy, iris diagnosis, Bach flowers, Schuessler salts, disease as a symptom and integral medicine with Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke.

Experiences from personal involvement in initiatic body work according to Count Duerckheim, breathing sessions with conscious breathing, shamanistic travels, IMAGO communication and pair workshop, systemic constellations according to Bert Hellinger, aura chakra reading, Reiki induction in universal life force, Feng Shui seminars, mediation and autogenic training, tantric annual training with Namasét Austria, men’s groups and a heart winner’s course with Björn Leimbach from Germany.

My endeavour is to give an impetus to as many people as possible to recognise their physical potential and to use it well in order to improve quality of life the natural way. I am mainly involved in training and advanced training of people who share this vision with me.