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Spagyrics and Herbal Alchemy:

Manufacture of spagyric essences and tinctures

Everything is connected to everything. In all old advanced cultures, man was seen as a part of a comprehensive system embedded in the power structure of the micro and macro cosmos. Man and the universe are in constant communication and resonance with each other. Herbal alchemy is concerned with this basic law of life. Based on traditional alchemic fundamentals, we manufacture spagyric herbal drops and essences, metal essences and cardinal tinctures, that have a holistic effect on body, mind and spirit.



The historic origins of herbal alchemy are unclear today. What we do know is that spagyric medicine was practised in China as far back as 8th century BC and was based on the alchemic opinions of the time and was also closely connected with Taoism later. Similar to China, ancient India, Persia, Tibet and Egypt also practised alchemy. European alchemy and spagyrics are heavily influenced by Egyptian alchemy. The Indian ayurvedic medicine still exhibits alchemic views and preparatory processes, especially in the South Indian siddha medicine.

Herbal alchemy is an ancient wisdom combining earth, cosmos and man. It is called the science of life in matter. The central concern of alchemy was to find out creation’s plan at a physical, spiritual and mental level. Alchemy is a material’s vibrations gradually being elevated towards the light.

These are the processes of maturing and transformation from dark to light, from low to high from simple to complex from unaware to aware. One of the most well-known spagyric healers with a comprehensive alchemic world view was Theophrast von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus.



Paracelsus was of the opinion that…

… every substance contains pure and good and a contradictory, aggressive principle. The healer brought about this knowledge to separate or differentiate through a suitable procedure good from evil, coarse from fine, spiritual from material, healing from toxic. This chemical analysis came to be called “ars spagyrica”.

Spagyrics today means a specific method for preparing plant and mineral substances through fermentation, distillation, ashing, extraction and filtration. The raw material is first divided into several components and useful parts are separated from the useless ones. A type of re-composition is used to combine visible components. Therefore, spagyrics aims to separate the good, constructive, healing and energy giving principle in every plant or substance useful for healing purposes from the unhealthy, destructive, pathogenic toxins and, if possible, to enhance through supplementation.

Spagyric substances made in this way such as herbal drops, metal essences etc. contain the most powerful substances in enhanced form and are therefore therapeutically better than the raw material. They can be easily digested by the body, since they have been separated from the toxins. They not only influence at a physical, but also spiritual and mental level.