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Organic Hyaluronic Face Care

Beauty-Repair with triple hyaluronan. Natural anti-ageing.

Face lifting with natural hyaluronen complex

The best cosmetics laboratory is nature. The EVOLUTION beauty secret is a modern combination of natural, selected substances and three different hyaluronan acids. Hyaluronan has been proven to have the ability to retain moisture, provide new elasticity, smoothen wrinkles and provide protection from environmental influences and sun’s rays.

Three different hyaluronan types for a younger skin

A speciality of our face care range is the comprehensive effect of three hyaluronan acids:

  • High molecular hyaluronan acid is the ideal moisture retainer for visible, immediate effect.
  • Encapsulated hyaluronan acid has a deposit function that ensures that the skin has a comfortable supply of moisture throughout the day.
  • Low molecular hyaluronan acid with its small structure can go deep inside the skin and can sustainably fill and smoothen small wrinkles. The skin feels supple again and wrinkles caused by dryness vanish quickly.

Our compositions are completed with wonderfully nourishing and protective substances. These include rose water, fresh extracts from daisy, cucumber, barley, rosemary leaves, horse chestnut or eyebright and vitamin E.

Our bio-cosmetic is absolutely natural. This is why, we don’t need any ‘aids’ for our products such as substances that are supposed to create a silky feeling on the skin. Our other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and evening primrose oil fulfil this in their gentle, natural way. The aim is to feel the actual effect on the skin and that is possible with our cosmetic that cares.


EVOLUTION Bio Hyaluron Face Care

Bio Hyaluron Cleansing Milk

Schonende & pflegende Reinigung

Diese sanfte Reinigungsmilch befreit schonend Schmutzpartikeln und Make-up. Die Milch verwöhnt die Haut mit Aloe vera, Arganöl, Hyaluron, Rosenblüten- und Rosmarinhydrolaten in einer pflegenden Bio-Formel. Schonende und gründliche Reinigung für jeden Hauttyp, ohne die Haut zu entfetten.


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27,00 €
Item no. 524

Bio Hyaluron Facial Toner

Klärendes Gesichtswasser, Reinigung

Das klärende und erfrischende Gesichtswasser vitalisiert die Haut nach der Reinigung optimal. Sie wird durch Aloe vera und Blütenwässer intensiv mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt und dadurch auf die darauffolgende Pflege vorbereitet. Die Bio-Formel ist auch für jeden Hauttyp geeignet.


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25,00 €
Item no. 523

Bio Hyaluron Lifting Serum 30 ml

Haut, Intensivpflege, Lifting

Die Anti Aging Serum-Formel für höchste Ansprüche. Ist eine innovative Feuchtigkeitsspendende & straffende Bio-Formel mit einem Lifting-Sofort-Effekt. Sie mildert sichtbar Fältchen, polstert die Haut auf und ist für jeden Hauttyp geeignet. Das Lifting Serum wurde für die Tages- & Nachpflege entwickelt.


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55,00 €
Item no. 501

Bio Hyaluron Eye Cream

Skin, face, tone, lifting

Bio formula reduces wrinkles in the sensitive eye area.

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37,00 €
Item no. 500

Bio Hyaluron Lifting Serum

Skin, face, tone, lifting

Hydrating and toning bio-formula with immediate lifting effect

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85,00 €
Item no. 505

Bio Hyaluron Cream Light

Skin, face, tone, lifting

Light, moisturising bio-formula for day and night care

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48,00 €
Item no. 502

Bio Hyaluron Cream Rich

Skin, face, lifting

Light, moisturising bio-formula for day and night care

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50,00 €
Item no. 503

Simple Luxury: Stylish holism

The skin is the connection to the outside world where the inner and outer worlds meet. It is therefore crucial to support the safety mechanisms and regenerative powers of our body’s shell in a natural way.

We should be aware that skin care also means to allow substances to enter from outside into ourselves. This is why we are able to offer you this carefully developed bio-face care system with a clear conscience. It is evident that good quality is achieved best by harmony at all levels: with excellent raw materials from sustainable, organic farming, fair trade and good atmosphere during the manufacturing process.

The secret of a radiant look is healthy skin. Environmental influence, pollutant loads, intense solar radiation as well as nutrient deficiency take a toll on the skin and it begins to age prematurely. The needs of our skin also change with the seasons, external factors such as stress and nutrition and not least with our biological age.


Beauty Care from Within

A well-cared for skin is also optimally nourished from inside. Since metabolic activity and natural hyaluronic acid content decrease with age, we supplement our care products with invaluable nutrients. Because a healthy metabolism is crucial for radiant looks and healthy, good sense of being.


Organic Quality – My Skin Says Thank You!