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Respiratory System

Quendel Kräutersaft

Atemwege, Bronchien, Schleimhäute

Quendel Kräutersaft ist „Omas Hausmittel“ und die Antwort aus dem Kräutergarten bei Hals-, Rachen- und Bronchienbeschwerden - für Jung und Alt!

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Item no. 390

Super Frankincense

Musculoskeletal system, stomach, intestines, skin

Frankincense has been used for centuries to treat inflammations and pain of all kinds. The boswellia acids in our Super Frankincense 90 Capsules from 100% Indian frankincense resin block the production of inflammatory substances and are anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

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16,40 €
90 Super Weihrauch Kapseln
Item no. 390SA

Colon Gold Pulver + Hand Cleansing Gel gratis

Colon Gold Pulver: Darm, Verdauung, Immunsystem, Cholesterinspiegel

Hand Cleansing Gel: Hände, Desinfektion

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250g + 50ml
Item no. 112SA

Melatonin Complex 5mg

Sleep problems, jet lag, stress

Regulates ageing. Helps with sleep problems / jet lag Slowing down of ageing process.

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60 capsules
Item no. 1162SA

Lungwort Tincture

Respiratory system, lungs, bronchi

Lungwort is recommended for diseases of the chest and lungs and helps with coughing, chronic bronchitis, laryngitis and hoarseness, with flu-like symptoms and all persistent lung diseases. In addition, it stimulates perspiration and reduces inflammation. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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32,00 €
Item no. 3024

Buckhorn Tincture

bronchi, lungs, liver

Buckhorn contains an antibiotic (aucubin) that helps in oral and nasopharyngeal inflammations, coughing, respiratory problems and bronchial obstruction. It activates the production of interferon, which increases the defensive powers against viruses in the air passages. It is also used in asthma or bronchitis and for strengthening the lung tissues of heavy smokers. The glycosides in it relieve cough symptoms and support in reducing lung inflammation. It is also helpful for liver problems, stomach aches and bladder inflammation. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.


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32,00 €
Item no. 3036

Propolis Complex

Immune system, skin, stomach, intestine

In folk medicine, propolis is used as natural anti-biotic and is among the most strengthening, preventative and healing of natural substances. Propolis is antibiotic, anti-bacteria, anti-viral, anti-mycotic and anti-rheumatic.

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33,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 1162

Propolis Essence

Made according to traditional alchemical principles, a special holistic process based on Paracelsus.

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Item no. 3028

Immun NCA Phyto Complex

For a natural defence mechanism

Traditional herbal formula with neem, cat's claw and astragalus extract to support the immune system.

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90 capsules
Item no. 340

Vitamin D3 5.000 I.E. 30ml

Immune system, cardiovascular, skin, bones, musculoskeletal system, metabolism

Vitamin D3 drops 100% natural. One drop of vitamin D3 contains 5.000 I.E. Cholecalciferol. The drops facilitate absorption through the oral mucosa.

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47,00 €
Item no. 129

L-Tyrosine Iodine Complex

Energy, concentration, iodine deficiency

Natural iodine from kelp. Fuel for more energy. Concentration, tiredness, weight gain, iodine deficiency.

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60 Vegi Caps
Item no. 365

Colon Gold Pulver

Intestine, digestion, immune system

Balanced combination of soluble and insoluble fibre, lactobacilli and active enzymes for the daily support of bowel and colon cleansing.



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38,00 €
250g Monatspackung
Item no. 112

Colon Immun Kapseln

Digestion, allergies, immune system, bowel

Healthy bowel, strong immune system. 10 billion pro biotic microbes plus prebiotics. Ready to protect the bowel!

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33,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 366

Q10 forte Complex

Cardiovascular, antioxidant, immune system, energy, liverBroschüre Coenzym Q10

Would you like to recharge your batteries and maintain your performance level into old age?
In addition, activating the immune system, strengthening the cardiovascular system and even increasing fat burning?

Coenzyme Q10 brochure (german)

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57,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 1231

Basic-Regeneration Cure I

Holistic intestinal health

Intestinal cleansing and purifying
Intestinal decrusting
Building a healthy intestinal flora
Against parasites and candida
Lymph and blood purifying
Metabolism activating
Strengthens immune system



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289,00 €
complete cure for 90 days
Item no. 180

NADH 20 Active Plus Complex

Energy, pro-aging, skin, immune system, nerves, antioxidants

Broschüre NADH Programm (Deutsch)

MORE ENERGY FOR LIFE More quick energy, better regeneration Quick energy for body and mind, anti-ageing and regeneration

NADH Programm Broschüre (in German)

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59,00 €
60 Vegi Caps
Item no. 351

PAR-Complex 3 Cardinal Tincture

Immune system

Complex with 12 bio-active ingredients from fruits, vegetables and herbs to work against parasites, viruses and fungi and for a strong immune system. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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48,00 €
Item no. 3503