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Terra Gold Powder

Mineral complex for supporting bowel cleansing, obesity and therapeutic fasting.

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Supports/Is good for

On consumption:

  • Bowel cleansing
  • Gut flora
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach ailments
  • Optimised digestion
  • Heavy metals and toxins
  • Mineralisation
  • Joints
  • Skin
  • Cholesterol level
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cellulite


  • As overlay, wrap, face mask or bath accessory
  • Skin impurities, eczema
  • Painful degenerative joint illnesses
  • Varicose veins
  • Strengthening of connective tissues

Area of use

Detoxification and purification, elimination of heavy metals, environmental and pollutant toxins, acid-base balance, mineralisation, metabolic disorders, internally and externally.


Premium Quality
• Pure substances – contains only active incredients
• Optimal bioavailability
• Maximum compatibility
• Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and diabetics
• Free from artificial binding agents, fillers, colourings, fragrances, or coating materials
• Free from preservatives
• Free from gluten, lactose, wheat, fructose, soy milk components, egg and yeast
• Free of sugar and sweeteners
• Free from animal ingredients
• Produced without GMOs
• High-quality, controlled raw materials with an analysis
• Highest quality standards and hygiene regulations
• Manufacture and production in accordance with ISO 22000, GMP


  per daily dose (5g) NRV*
Volcanic mineral earth 5000 mg  
- of wich calcium 390 mg 48%
- of wich magnesium 220 mg 58%
- of wich silicon 995 mg  
*= % of the recommended daily intake for adults according to LMIV


Vulcanic mineral earth (powder)

Recommended dose

For consumption: Add 5g Terra Gold into a glass of water, stir and sip slowly. 
Terra Gold works best when taken 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast, and perhaps also at night before going to sleep. Over the day, Terra Gold must be taken 1 hour before or after a meal. This way the selective adsorption ability is best ensured. Stir Terra Gold with a ceramic or wooden spoon. 
Children below 12 years will be given half the amount recommended for adults. Someone tending towards constipation can take only ½ a tea spoon of Terra Gold as one portion. This small amount will help relieve the bowels, while a dose exceeding 5 tea spoons will cause constipation.

Topical use: For wet use, stir in with a little liquid (water or vinegar water) and spread directly on the affected area. Place a moist cloth on top and wrap. Use warm for chronic ailments and cold for acute ones.

Cold application: Cold first suppresses metabolism since the vessels contract, hardens and then alleviates pain.
For acute and painful ailments, burns, musculo-skeletal problems, blood vessels and lymph vessels, abdomen rheumatism, fever, swellings, skin ailments and injuries.

Warm application: Heat the mixture in a water bath at 40 degrees Celsius. This increases circulation, activates metabolism, alleviates pain and relaxes muscles. 
For Flu, sciatica, chronic joint and back pains, muscular tension, non-inflammatory rheumatism, forehead and sinus inflammations, bronchitis, lower body pains, boils, colic, liver problems.

Warning, do not use in case of vascular inflammation or varicose veins!

Regarding the concentration of the mixture: The larger the body part to be treated, the thinner the layer to be applied: for smaller areas keep it pencil thick, for wraps that wrap the entire area or body part, keep it one millimetre.
Over the wrap with a moist cloth, place a dry cloth kept together with a safety pin or clamp and keeps the wrap warm. The time required to take effect is 1 to max. 2 hours. 

Acute complaints 2 times daily, chronic ailments 2 to 7 times weekly. 
Face mask in case of skin impurities, head or nerve aches: Mix the mixture with cold water or camomile tea and apply with hand. After it dries up, wash with warm water, and apply cream on the skin. Discard used Terra Gold with the general waste, since the used earth now has toxic substances (do not use again!).

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Legal Note: Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. The product should be stored out of the reach of small children. Storage: Dry storage, not above room temperature.