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Q10 Complex

Cardiovascular, antioxidant, immune system, energy, liver

More power for heart, brain, eyes and muscles. The antioxidant nutrition is available to all cells and is especial important for energy supply. As the age increases, the Q10 presence in the body begins to reduce, which leads to a number of age-specific complaints and illnesses. Q10 is the real safety formula against heart circulatory disorders. It improves the heart's performance, increases oxygen intake, protects from free radicals and enhances efficiency. Folic acid and B-vitamins reduce the homocystein level and improve energy levels.

Vegan Lactose free Gluten free
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Q10 Complex

Supports/Is good for

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood vessels
  • Heart
  • Energy flow
  • Endurance
  • Regeneration
  • mental fitness
  • Skin and gums
  • Eye protection
  • Vision

Area of use

Cardiovascular system, vascular system, performance and energy, eyes.

Q-10 works best as a complex. Vital substances need each other. Q10 Complex capsules contain a well-balanced combination of important vital substances.
The quality of Q10 conforms to the strictest requirements. We use a 100% pure co-enzyme Q10.
As long as we are young, everything is in the safe zone. However, as we grow older, a lot begins to slow down, including the body's internal production of Q10, the radical suppressant. For instance, in contrast with a 20-year old, the heart and kidneys of a 40-year old can only produce only 70% of the quantity of Q10. The heart of an 80-year old only produces half of it and the spleen even lesser. This increases the risk of a deficiency as a person gets older. Daily intake provides the necessary help.
A Nobel prize was awarded for the discovery of the vital co-enzyme Q10. The research results are compelling. The heart muscle can work better and more efficiently with an extra portion of Q10. Researches with athletes have shown that endurance can be increased and the regeneration phase can be reduced. In addition, athletes more rarely suffer from colds and infections.
Q10 complex is the supplement to choose against skin ageing. Free radicals that develop on the skin due to the sun's rays or air pollutants are neutralised. Q10 also curbs the depletion of tightening collagen and promotes rebuilding of the building block of connective tissue hyaluronic acid.
Q10 also keeps the brain in perfect shape through the neutralisation of aggressive free radicals. Q10 protects endangered areas and ensures that the cells there don't die prematurely. On the other hand, Q10 is also important for the brain. Mental efficiency requires energy – grey cells require Q10 as fuel. Unfortunately, the Q10 store there also reduces with age. Problems in concentrating or failing memory, forgetfulness – all of these mental weaknesses can begin to appear with a Q10 deficiency.
Premium Quality
• Pure substances – contains only active incredients
• Optimal bioavailability
• Maximum compatibility
• Herbal capsule shell
• Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and diabetics
• Free from artificial binding agents, colourings, fragrances, or coating materials
• Free from preservatives
• Free from gluten, lactose, wheat, soy milk components, egg and yeast
• Free of sugar and sweeteners
• Free from animal ingredients
• Produced without GMOs
• High-quality, controlled raw materials with an analysis
• Highest quality standards and hygiene regulations
• Manufacture and production in accordance with ISO 22000, GMP


  je Kapsel je Tagesdosis NRV*
Vitamin C gepuffert 166,00mg 332,00mg 415%
Alpha-Liponsäure 100,00mg 200,00mg  
Q10 60,00 mg 120,00mg  
Aufrechte Studentenblume 55,20mg 110,40mg  
- davon Lutein 10,00mg 20,00mg  
- davon Zeaxanthin 1,30mg 2,60mg  
Heidelbeerextrakt 25,20mg 50,40mg  
- davon Anthocyanidine 6,30mg 12,60mg  
Vitamin E 10,20mg 20,40mg 170%
Vitamin B6 2,10mg 4,20mg 300%
Folsäure gesamt 200,00µg 400,00µg 200%
- davon Folat 100,00µg 200,00µg  
Vitamin B12 2,00µg 4,00µg 160%

* NRV = % der empfohlenen Tageszufuhr für Erwachsene gemäß LMIV


Calcium Ascorbat, Alpha-Liponsäure, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (pflanzliche Kapselhülle) Coenzym Q 10, Tagetes erecta Blüten Extrakt, Heidelbeerextrakt, D-alpha-Tocopheralacetat (Vitamin E), Pyridoxinhydrochlorid (Vitamin B6), (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolsäure Glucosaminsalz, Pteroylmonoglutaminsäure, Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B 12)


Take 2 capsules every day with fluids.

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Legal Note: Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. The product should be stored out of the reach of small children. Storage: Dry storage, not above room temperature.