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Energy & Vitality

Q10 forte Complex

Cardiovascular, antioxidant, immune system, energy, liverBroschüre Coenzym Q10

Would you like to recharge your batteries and maintain your performance level into old age?
In addition, activating the immune system, strengthening the cardiovascular system and even increasing fat burning?

Coenzyme Q10 brochure (german)

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59,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 1231

NADH 20 Active Plus Complex

Energy, pro-aging, skin, immune system, nerves, antioxidants

Broschüre NADH Programm (Deutsch)

MORE ENERGY FOR LIFE More quick energy, better regeneration Quick energy for body and mind, anti-ageing and regeneration

NADH Programm Broschüre (in German)

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59,00 €
60 Vegi Caps
Item no. 351

VitAge 120® Active capsules

Energy kick, cell protection, basic care for every day

Daily care is an important aspect of maintaining good health. VitAge 120® Aktiv Capsule–the daily basic supply of vital and cell protecting nutrients. Anti-ageing and all-round care with just one capsule a day.

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69,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 115

Anti Stress Complex

Stress symptoms, mood, fatigue, nerves

Anti-stress complex – five plants provide new energy and at the same time help as a stress brake. To help with emotional and physical stress.

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37,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 376

STA-Complex 6 Cardinal Tincture

Energy, performance

The complex improves the energy balance of the entire body in many ways. Due to the broad effect and strengthening, there are many possible applications: in lack of energy, weakness, chronic fatigue and tension, physical and mental stress, burn-out syndrome, chronic diseases, after surgeries, in old age for vitalisation, for performance improvement in training and sports.

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48,00 €
Item no. 3506

Cell Fit Complex 20 Drinking Ampoules 25ml each

Immune system, energy, cardiovascular, figure, metabolism, nerves

For more power and performance, for improved oxygen uptake, for faster regeneration, to protect the cells against free radicals, promotes fat burning, ideal support in fasting and diet and exercise.

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52,00 €
20 Drinking Ampoules 25ml each
Item no. 1221

Body Balance Complex Vanilla

Weight management, energy, metabolism

4-component protein complex from milk, soya, whey and egg white with vitamins, mineral substances, vital elements, taurine, and carnitine for fitness and vitality. 80% protein content. With plant sweetener stevia.

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65,00 €
Item no. 108

SAMe 200 S-Adenosyl-Methionin

Mood, nervous system, joints, psyche

All-round talent for psyche, nerves, joints and metabolism. The "SAMe 200" capsules provide the daily "feel-good effect" and make a valuable contribution to the overall well-being. An enteric-coated capsule shell provided improved intestinal absorption.

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39,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 347

VitAge 120® Sport

Anti aging, cell protection

The energy kick for quick regeneration and revitalisation. Daily basic cell protection with 27 bioactive vital substances for restoring the physiological balance. Long-term mental and physical stress disrupts the regulatory mechanism of the organism. If the strain continues, there is a leaching of the body that leads to reduction in energy, and onset of deficiencies, illnesses and premature ageing.

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77,00 €
Item no. 110

Rosenwurz Tinktur

Psyche, Energie, Stärkung

Rosenwurz erhöht die psychische und physische Leistungsfähigkeit und entlastet in Stressphasen die Nebenniere. Ist gut für die Durchblutung und unterstützt das Gehirn.

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27,00 €
Item no. 3128

Rosmarin Tinktur

Kreislauf, Schwäche, Vitalität

Kreislaufunterstützend, appetitanregend, nervenstärkend und anregend. Angezeigt bei Erschöpfung und Schwäche.

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28,00 €
Item no. 3129

Saflor-Bergscharte Tinktur

Herz-Kreislauf, Konzentration, Energie

Klassisches Adaptogen mit einer großen Bandbreite an nützlichen Eigenschaften und Wirkung auf das Nervensystem, Herz-Kreislauf-System sowie auf das komplette Energiesystem.

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25,00 €
Item no. 3132

Sarsaparilla Tinktur

Haut, Hormonsystem, Aphrodisiakum

Die reinigende Sarsaparilla hilft bei Hauterkrankungen wie Ekzemen, Psoriasis (Schuppenflechte) und allgemeinem Juckreiz aber auch bei rheumatischen Beschwerden. 

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24,00 €
Item no. 3135

Taigawurzel Tinktur

Stress, Immunsystem, Hormonsystem

Der sibirische Ginseng ist ein zuverlässiges Stressadaptogen. Liefert Energie bei nachlassender Lebenskraft und ein zuviel an Stress. 

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25,00 €
Item no. 3141