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Bowel & Digestion

Quinta Essentia 21

Belastungen, Bindegewebe, Säuren-Basen-Haushalt

Unsere Gesundheit hängt ganz wesentlich davon ab wie gut unsere Ausscheidungsorgane funktionieren.
Kommt es zu Störungen der Ausscheidungsvorgänge belasten wir unseren Organismus.

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48,00 €
100 ml
Item no. 126

Colon Gold Pulver

Intestine, digestion, immune system

Balanced combination of soluble and insoluble fibre, lactobacilli and active enzymes for the daily support of bowel and colon cleansing.



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44,00 €
250g Monatspackung
Item no. 112

Colon Immun Kapseln

Digestion, allergies, immune system, bowel

Healthy bowel, strong immune system. 10 billion pro biotic microbes plus prebiotics. Ready to protect the bowel!

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33,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 366

Curcuma Extract 95%

Immune system, joints, bones, digestion, skin, hair, nails, cleansing, stomach, bowel, liver, gall bladder

Curcuma Broschüre

The high-quality EVOLUTION Curcuma Extract capsules contain pure, natural turmeric with a minimum of 95% curcumin plus black pepper.

"Curcuma Broschüre" (in german)

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33,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 346

Enzyme complex

Joy, vitality, health, fitness and beauty

Papaya and bromelain are considered
panaceas in many parts of the world. Scientific research today confirms their empirical qualities.

Phyto Enzyme Broschüre

Enzymes from pineapple and papaya are gifts from Mother Nature.

Enzyme complex brochure
(in german)

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33,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 348

MSM Enzyme

Antioxidant / skin

MSM is an active organic sulfur compound that is readily absorbed by the body. It has an antioxidant effect, increases the excretion of toxins and parasites from the cells, reduces inflammation and pain. Important for connective tissues, cartilage, collagen, hair, skin and nails. Relieves rheumatism and allergic reactions. Supports skin regeneration and wound healing. Metabolic waste is disposed of and new cells built. The natural enzymes from pineapple and papaya help digestion and fat burning.

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25,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 1042

Basic-Regeneration Cure I

Holistic intestinal health

Intestinal cleansing and purifying
Intestinal decrusting
Building a healthy intestinal flora
Against parasites and candida
Lymph and blood purifying
Metabolism activating
Strengthens immune system



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310,00 €
complete cure for 90 days
Item no. 180

L-Glutamin Vitamin B6

Immune system, healthy intestinal cells, regeneration

L-glutamine is optimally activated with vitamin B6. L-glutamine is an amino acid and is involved in numerous metabolic processes. It serves the immune cells, muscle and nerve cells and intestinal mucosa as an important building nutrient.

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57,00 €
Item no. 364

REI Complex 2 Cardinal Tincture

Cleansing, intestines, strengthening

Complex with 13 bio-active contents from fruit, vegetables and herbs for bowel cleansing and strengthening. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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48,00 €
Item no. 3502

Quinta Essentia 21

Acids-base balance, strains, connective tissue

Cardinal tincture with 21 fresh plants for purification, de-acidification and general cleansing. Quinta Essentia helps to neutralise excess deposits, environmental toxins, fungi and other strains as well as with releasing and eliminating acids and deposits and normalising the acid-base balance. Basic bitterns help in digestion, activate glands, clean and make blood, enhance defence mechanism, and scaffold tissues. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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28,00 €
Item no. 125

CBD 10% organic hemp oil full extract drops

Regeneration, vitality, natural medicine

- 100% free of additives
- Full extract from CO2 extraction
- ARGE CANNA seal of approval
- Bio Austria certified
- 100% legal

Arge Canna zertifiziert_Bio Austria zertifiziert_Austria Bio Garantie

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88,00 €
15ml = ca. 375 Tropfen
Item no. 382

Calamus Tincture

Digestion, stomach, intestine

Calamus acts as a secretion promoter and supports for all stomach ailments and disorders of the digestive organs. It always helps when dietary mistakes cause pain, flatulence and bloating and cramps. For infectious diseases and during convalescence, exhaustion and weakness, it stimulates the circulation, increases appetite. Calamus is also called European Ginseng Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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39,00 €
Item no. 3019

Bear's Garlic Tincture

Heart, circulation, heavy metals

Bear's garlic helps ease the absorption of iron. It acts towards lowering blood pressure and prevents atherosclerosis. The use of bear's garlic is one of the best means of preventing atherosclerosis and supporting the excretion of heavy metals. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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39,00 €
Item no. 3004

Beifuß Tinktur, einjährig

Magen, Darm, Hormonsystem

Stärkt das Immunsystem und unterstützt den Körper bei Viren- Bakterien- und Pilzbelastungen. Reinigt Magen und Darm.

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27,00 €
Item no. 3105

Gotu Kola Tinktur

Bindegewebe, Venen, Stärkung

Der indische Wassernabel findet sowohl in der ayurvedischen als auch in der chinesischen Medizin Verwendung als Stärkungsmittel.

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25,00 €
Item no. 3112

He Shou Wu Tinktur

Vitalität, Anti Aging, Leber

He Shou Wu hilft die Nieren- und Lebertätigkeit zu normalisieren, steigert die Vitalität und wirkt dem Alterungsprozess entgegen.

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29,00 €
Item no. 3114

Koriander Tinktur

Ausleitung, Verdauung, Magen

Unterstützend bei Schwermetallbelastungen und Ausleitungen. Hilfreich bei Magen,Darm und Migräne Problemen.

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24,00 €
Item no. 3119

Melisse Tinktur

Stress, Nerven, Schlaf

Immer dann, wenn es durch Überarbeitung, Reizüberflutung, Stress oder psychische Probleme zu Störungen kommt, ist die Melisse das Mittel der Wahl.

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24,00 €
Item no. 3124

Salvia Tincture

Climacteric, stomach, intestines, metabolism

Salvia helps with excessive sweating (e.g. during menopause), irritating night-time sweating and functional disorders in the stomach-bowel tract. Salvia has a disinfecting effect, this is why it is also used for rinsing and gargling for inflammations in the mouth and nasopharyngeal area as well as larynx inflammation. The contents in salvia prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, making it anti-bacterial and fungicidal. This is why, salvia can be used for inflammatory processes such as acne.

Salvia helps in improving concentration and memory and it also relaxes. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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39,00 €
Item no. 3033

Schafgarbe Tinktur

Niere, Blase, Venen

Die Schafgarbe ist als Allheilmittel mit der Kamille zu vergleichen. Sie hilft bei Blasen- oder Nierenschwäche, bei Magenschwäche, Bauchschmerzen, Regelstörungen und hormonellen Dysbalancen.

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24,00 €
Item no. 3136

Schwarze Walnuss Tinktur

Parasiten, Darm, Blutdruck

Die ursprünglich auf dem amerikanischen Kontinent heimische Schwarznuss wird traditionell zur Reinigung von Blut und Darm verwendet. Natürliche Hilfe bei Parasiten und Pilzbefall.

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26,00 €
Item no. 3138