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Beauty Hyaluron Complex

Hyaluronic acid with optimal molecular size of 500 - 700 kDa

Skin, joints, elasticity, lifting

Tightens and rejuvenates. Anti-ageing for the skin, repair formula for the joints.

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30,00 €
instead of 33,00 €
60 capsules
Item no. 165SA

Bio Hyaluron Lifting Serum

Skin, face, tone, lifting

Hydrating and toning bio-formula with immediate lifting effect

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85,00 €
Item no. 505

Bio Hyaluron Cream Light

Skin, face, tone, lifting

Light, moisturising bio-formula for day and night care

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48,00 €
Item no. 502

Bio Hyaluron Cream Rich

Skin, face, lifting

Light, moisturising bio-formula for day and night care

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50,00 €
Item no. 503

Bio Hyaluron Eye Cream

Skin, face, tone, lifting

Bio formula reduces wrinkles in the sensitive eye area.

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37,00 €
Item no. 500

Bio Hyaluron Cleansing Milk

Gentle cleansing milk

The milk treats the skin with aloe vera, argan and sunflower oil, hyaluron, rose blossom and rosemary hydrolates in a nourishing organic formulation.

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25,00 €
Item no. 522

Bio Hyaluron Facial Toner

Clarifying Facial Toner

With the refreshing tonic from the Bio Hyaluron Anti Aging Face Care series the skin is optimally clarified and revitalized after the cleansing. It is intensively hydrated by aloe vera and floral waters and optimally prepared for the subsequent care. The organic formulation is also suitable for sensitive skin.

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24,00 €
Item no. 521

Bio Hyaluron Tonic Splash

Refreshing Face & Body Spray

Enjoy the invigorating effect of orange and rose petals combined with aloe vera and hyaluron in pure organic quality. The spray has a soothing effect on stressed skin, provides intensive moisture and helps to balance the skin.

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27,00 €
Item no. 520

Body Balance Complex Vanilla

Weight management, energy, metabolism

4-component protein complex from milk, soya, whey and egg white with vitamins, mineral substances, vital elements, taurine, and carnitine for fitness and vitality. 80% protein content. With plant sweetener stevia.

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49,50 €
Item no. 108

Vegan Protein Shake (neutral)

Weight management, energy, immune system, low carbohydrate diet

100% vegan protein food with vitamins, minerals, and fibre; ideal as a protein-rich snack or meal. Over 74% of protein from rice, hemp, and coconut milk.

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38,00 €
Item no. 373

MSM Enzyme

Antioxidant / skin

MSM is an active organic sulfur compound that is readily absorbed by the body. It has an antioxidant effect, increases the excretion of toxins and parasites from the cells, reduces inflammation and pain. Important for connective tissues, cartilage, collagen, hair, skin and nails. Relieves rheumatism and allergic reactions. Supports skin regeneration and wound healing. Metabolic waste is disposed of and new cells built. The natural enzymes from pineapple and papaya help digestion and fat burning.

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25,00 €
90 capsules
Item no. 1042

Natural Alkaline Salt

Purification, detoxification, care

For supporting purification, de-acidification and detoxification through the skin, for gentle care.

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18,00 €
Item no. 2006

Natur Mineral Complete Powder

Acids bases household, joints, cardiovascular, skin, sports, muscle, figure

Natur Mineral Complete is the easiest way to supply the body regularly with natural alkaline minerals as supplement. The premium mixture contains over 74 minerals and vital elements in ionised form and can therefore be quickly and easily absorbed by the body and used for the regulation of the acid-base balance. This way it contributes towards well-being through de-acidification.

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38,00 €
Item no. 113

OPC Resveratrol Komplex

Pro-Aging, Herz-Kreislauf, Energie, Leber, Bindegewebe

Broschüre OPC & ResveratrolBreitband-Polyphenol-Spektrum aus Trauben und Traubenkern-Extrakten kombiniert mit Trans-Resveratrol. Diese antioxidativ wirkenden Natursubstanzen gelten als Zellschützer.


OPC & Resveratrol Broschüre

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37,00 €
60 Kapseln
Item no. 175

Vitamin A 3000 I.E. drops

Eyesight, skin, immune system

Vitamin A 3000 I.E. per drop with organic argan oil in best bioavailability for internal and external use.
Vitamin for eyesight, skin and a strong immune system.

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27,00 €
Item no. 342

VitAge 120® Drinking Ampoules

Sport, fitness, performance

Daily cell protection. The comprehensive vital substance combination guarantees the optimum supply of all important vital and cell protection nutrients. The synergy effect guarantees a reciprocal supplementation and strengthening of complex effect on all cells, tissues, organs and organ systems.

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80,00 €
30 Drinking Ampoules
Item no. 120