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Hand care & hygiene

New: organic hand cream & organic hand soap

As of now we also have the perfect range for the care and cleaning of hands in our range. From the middle of May there will be a hand cleansing gel to complete the set too.

Perfect hand hygiene

Proper hand care and cleaning is particularly important – and essential in times like nriched with skin-friendly vegetable detergents.

No more dry hands

Especially now, when frequent and thorough hand washing is part of our daily bread, the hands also need the right care. Our organic hand cream is for hands that are dry and cracked. It nourishes and protects intensively.

Simple hand care: In 3 steps to optimally cared hands

  1. Washing with soap: It is important that all areas of the hands are washed thoroughly with soap. It is advisable to wash your hands only with lukewarm water, because hot water can lead to dry skin.
  2. Drying and massaging: Carefully pat your hands dry with a towel or cloth and do not rub. A short, subsequent massage ensures good circulation in the hands.
  3. Moisturize with lotion: Especially after washing, but also in between the hands should be provided with appropriate care. It is advisable to apply the cream on the back of your hand and spread it evenly over the skin.

EVOLUTION hand care

Organic hand cream 50ml


For dry, cracked hands. Propolis, marigold, chamomile, lavender and aloe vera regenerate damaged hands. Intensive care cream with vegetable oils and shea butter penetrates well and leaves no greasy film, creating a pleasant feeling of a soft skin.

Zertifizierte Bio Kosmetik

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14,00 €
Item no. 2001

Organic hand soap 250ml


High quality hand soap for gentle and thorough cleaning with vegetable washing agents. Prevents the skin from drying out. A refreshing citrus aroma invigorates the senses!

Vegane Bio Handseife - Zertifizierte Bio Kosmetik

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17,00 €
Item no. 2000

Organic – good for me and for the environment!

Our hand care products are vegan and bear the seal “Certified organic cosmetics from Austria Bio Garantie”.