EVOLUTION International

Every health dysfunction mostly has a long history

Human health is like an iceberg. Mostly only the visible and the obvious is seen and treated.

It is common knowledge today that every illness is only the tip of the iceberg as Dr. Norbert Schulz has so well described in his book “The Doctor in You”. There is definitely a background of this build-up over a long time that signifies that processes get disturbed for a long time before our body begins to tell us, often painfully, about it. Unfortunately, it is only human to think that there is nothing wrong with us until something really does hurt. Many serious illnesses don’t hurt at all or become painful only in the terminal stages. This is the reason why alternative medicine doctors, healer and everyone who is involved in holistic health do not just concentrate on the symptom but rather primarily focus on removing the cause.

The EVOLUTION products are structured around a holistic cause and effect principle and support body as well as soul: Special programms offer individual possibilities.

  • Detoxification pyramid as a base detoxification
  • Soul healing program which works on spiritual level
  • Weight Care Program for sustainable weight loss
  • VITAGE 120 Program as daily basic care
  • Beauty Program for naturalhealthy beauty

The EVOLUTION products work on physical an mental-spiritual level. Holistic therapies start with the cause and unfold their effect.

The holistic concept of EVOLUTION

The combination of vital substances and spagyric preparations leads to a holistic effect.

Humans are faced with a quick-changing environment, massive stimuli gratification and a permanent demand from the nervous and hence the immune system.Wrong diet, stress and environmental toxins burden the optimal cell supply. These pressures lead to ever more complex clinical pictures, which require different remedies and methods than before. Nowadays many people are not able to achieve physical therapy by themself. It seems that the body is no longer able to activate its self-healing powers due to the manifold loads. As a result, higher demands are placed on remedies today: they have to release blockages, that is, act on the emotional level and activate the physical and mental self-healing powers.

Natural bioactive nutrients, herbal tinctures and essences offer individual applications to compensate for deficits, to release blockages and to reactivate self-regulation. The aim is an all-round supply of high-quality nutrients while reducing the pollution.