EVOLUTION International

EVOLUTION Manufacture

Innovation with modern dietary medicine and herbal knowledge of centuries

We work with the best of high tech and old wisdom, Combining old wisdom of traditional herbal alchemy with ultra-modern technology.

Alchemy is an old wisdom built around the earth, cosmos and man. The central concern of alchemy was to find out creation’s plan at a physical, spiritual and mental level.

The historical origins of traditional herbal alchemy date back to the 8th century BC. One of the most famous alchemists was Paracelsus. He influenced Western healing practice forever. Homoeopathy, spagyrics and anthroposophical medicine are unthinkable without him.


EVOLUTION manufacture means…

… understanding the life rhythms of plants, discovering their power and to transform them so that can provide their life force to our bodies and harmonise them.

We have looked for access to the energies that every body cell has: the cosmic universal energies. The power of the earth, sun, moon and water saved in plants, herbs and minerals. Man and universe are in constant communication and resonance with each other.

Alchemy follows the aim of releasing the healing powers of plants and making a large portion of them available to the entire organism. The special kind of Evolution manufacture helps the products get a special dynamics that helps the body in activating its self-healing forces.


We have developed a new generation of dietary supplements with this knowledge.

EVOLUTION Premium Products

  • For the young and old
  • For more vitality, better well-being and quality of life
  • For preventive needs and to remain healthy for as long as possible
  • For regenerative benefits to activate self-healing
  • For an increase in performance of amateur and professional sportsmen
  • For people with high spiritual and physical stress
  • For people with weight problems
  • For pregnant and lactating mothers
  • For the convalescing