EVOLUTION International

Our Guarantee of Quality

All raw materials used in our supplements are tested for their quality. This is to be sure sure above all that harmful substances such as pesticides, lead, mercury, bacteria, fungi or other pollutants are not included.

Good products can only unfold their benefits, if the nutrients in adequate dosage (i.e. high enough) and are included in meaningful combination. In addition, this synergy effect optimizes the effect of the product.
An important criterion is the bioavailability, which guaranteed that the ingredients can actually be recorded in highly.

We ensure that our herbs come from organic farming mainly.

100% biodynamic principle: Crop concidering root, leaves, flower and fruit days as well as moon phases and altitude of the sun.

  • 100% free of environmental pollutants
  • 100% free of synthetic supplements
  • 100% free of coloring
  • 100% free of animal experimentation
  • 100% free of genetic engineering

Many individual factors determine the premium quality of the evolution food supplements. We accept only the highest standards of quality. Our word on that.

Austrian Evolution products are manufactured under the strict international quality standards (GMP Guidelines/ISO Standards).

Comprehensive tests and analyses don’t just guarantee our superlative product quality, but also the purity and assurance of our quality products. For us, quality assurance means constant effort towards improving our products. All the processes are inspected in regular internal and external audits.

For us, sustainable business means combining economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility and thereby contributing towards a liveable future for the coming generations.

Product Approval Austria/EU

Technical University of Graz

Prof. Dr. Werner Pfannhauser, food expert as stipulated in Article 73 LMSVG, checked the dietary supplements as commissioned by Evolution GmbH and compiled a report on his findings about their marketability.

Certified organic quality