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VitAge 120® Drinking Ampoules

My energy source for the future

Drink yourself younger. And remain that way. With our fundamental product VitAge 120® you can reduce the ageing process and get more years and quality of life.

Because, with VitAge 120®, you give your body what it needs every day: Vitamins, micro nutrients and vital substances. 44 bioactive nutrients are put together in a drinking ampoule. Treat yourself with this energy source every day. And taste Nature.

A singe ampoule per day offers

  • Sufficient supply of vital substances
  • Filled base and mineral nutrient deposits
  • Re-mineralisation
  • Protection from free radicals
  • Activation of self-healing powers
  • Revitalisation


Get Younger Every Day

Slow the natural ageing process and don’t give environmental toxins, stress and incorrect nutrition any chance. Because it was never so easy to get younger every day. It is never too later to begin with VITAGE 120. Because the bio-active nutrients slow down cell division. With each passing day, you reduce your biological age. You will feel revitalised, more active, increasingly productive. And you will look better and younger in ten years than you do today. The human body has a natural date of expiry. With the right preventive measures, we can live an active life and reclaim vital years with a good quality of life.


Consume the contents of one ampoule every day directly or dissolved in a glass of water.


Composition per ampoule/25g:

Anti Aging Complex including 44 bioactive nutrients.

Micro nutrientsper ampoule/25gMicro nutrientsper ampoule/25g
Vitamin A800,00 µgCholin25,00 mg
Vitamin E20,00 mgCoenzyme Q-1010,00 mg
Vitamin D35,00 µgInositol25,00 mg
Vitamin K40,00 µgCarotinoid3,00 mg
Vitamin B14,00 mgGrape extract46,00 mg
Vitamin B24,80 mgOPC content21,00 mg
Niacin5,00 mgRoyal gel29,00 mg
Pantothenic acid5,00 mgGinseng root extract0,20 mg
Vitamin B65,40 mgSchisandra extract2,50 mg
Vitamin B122,00 µgRose hip extract24,00 mg
Biotin50,00 µgParaguay tea extract25,00 mg
Folic acid400,00 µgGreen tea extract1,00 mg
Vitamin C150,00 mgOrange juice concentrate3750,00 mg
Potassium25,00 mgBlackcurrant juice concentrate200,00 mg
Calcium124,00 mgElderberry juice concentrate132,50 mg
Magnesium82,00 mgApple juice concentrate750,00 mg
Zinc5,00 mgSea buckthorn concentrate25,00 mg
Manganese5,00 mgGrape juice concentrate2500,00 mg
Chromium100,00 µgAloe Vera gel concentrate1,30 mg
Molybdenum100,00 µgPineapple juice concentrate250,00 mg
Selenium50,00 µgPapaya purée concentrate125,00 mg
L-Carnitine41,00 mgHoney1,00

Guarantee of Quality

VitAge 120® only contains bio-active nutrients, and organic compositions from natural origins. This guarantees high bio-availability and resorption.

All raw materials are checked for quality in the laboratory. The product is manufactured according to the latest know-how which ensures that it can be consumed by anyone over long periods of time.

VitAge 120® Cell Protection for Every Day

You rapidly lose 15 percent of your performance every decade after you turn thirty. Muscles vanish, skin withers, nerves and organs weaken, blood vessels get blocked, body’s defences weaken, mind becomes tired, mood turns bad and the libido slackens.

Somewhere around your 45th year, long before your life’s certificate of guarantee runs out, your doctor will diagnose diabetes, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, gout, heart attack, stroke or even cancer. The Federal Authority for Statistics reports: 99 out of 100 people die before reaching their expected biological age.

Prevention is better than cure

VitAge 120® contains everything you need for a healthy mind in a healthy body. Vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, enzymes, fruit extracts and bio-active plant extracts that, when combined, not only extend but also enhance the effect of individual substances. Your body will be enhanced with micro-nutrients. You will look forward to tomorrow.

44 vital substances keep 70 billion cells forever young

Even when you only begin at 55. Only a nutrient deficiency in the body cell accelerates ageing, that is why you need to take care of an optimal cell metabolism. Because where there is energy, there is life. The only thing you need to keep getting younger, be physically fit, mentally alert and spiritually at peace is a broad and complete intake of vital substances.

Anti-oxidants against free radicals

With age, the number of free radicals increases in the human body. They destroy the cell structures and functions. The body’s defence mechanism gets stunted and oxidative stress develops. The consequence: a weakening of the immune system and premature ageing leading up to the well-known lifestyle diseases.

VitAge 120® naturally combats this process. VitAge 120®, a comprehensive vital substance combination of vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and bio-active plant extracts has the added advantage that synergies result from the combination, which go along with a reciprocate enhancement of active substances. The vitamins and micro-nutrients that act as anti-oxidants are required for reciprocated regeneration and exhibit a clearly improved efficiency as a broad and comprehensive combination in VitAge 120® rather than through individual intake. Bio-active plant extracts in VitAge 120® not only supplement the effects of vitamins but also enhance them.

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VitAge 120® Active capsules

VitAge 120® Active capsules

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VitAge 120® Drinking Ampoules

VitAge 120® Drinking Ampoules

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VitAge 120® Drinking Ampoules - small package

VitAge 120® Drinking Ampoules - small package

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VitAge 120® Men's Best

VitAge 120® Men's Best

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VitAge 120® Women's Best

VitAge 120® Women's Best

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VitAge 120® Women's Best - supports the self-healing powers as well as the immune system and promotes revitalization
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