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VitAge 120® Men’s Best

Natural Anti-Ageing for Men

We recommend this product for men above 40 years, it is specifically designed to work on the male body. Unique complex made of 16 bio-active ingredients combined and guided by the Paracelsus alchemy.

  • For strengthening the immune system
  • For strengthening self-healing powers
  • For revitalisation
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Hormonal Deficiency
  • Cancer prophylaxis
  • For male-specific problems
  • Free of additives
  • Free of chemicals
  • Free of environmental pollutants
  • Biodynamic principle
  • Holistic effect

Emotional Match

Strengthens the male principle. “I stand by my male role and look forward with joy.”

CompositionOrgan-system classifications
BroccoliBowel, immune system, cancer prophylaxis, hematopoietic
CranberryBladder, urinary tract, anti-biotic, anti-oxidant
Goji berryHeart circulation, immune-hormone system strengthening
PomegranateHeart, vascular system, prostate, cancer protection, stress buster
HopsNerves, kidney, liver, stomach, stress buster
CarrotImmune system, eyes, cancer protection, anti-oxidant
PumpkinKidney, bladder and prostate, blood lipids
Milk thistleLiver, gall bladder, detoxifying and purifying
MacaHormones, testosterone, energy, vitality, sex drive
Muira puamaAphrodisiac, toning, strengthening
PropolisImmune system, invigorating, antibiotic, skin, vitality
SchisandraNerves, liver, stress buster, circulation enhancing
TomatoesIntestinal flora, dehydrating, cancer protection, prostate
GrapeseedHeart-vascular protection, anti-oxidants, anti-stress and anti-ageing
HawthornStrengthens the heart, enhances blood circulatio

For many, middle age is the beginning of a new, exciting life

Middle age also means a look into the past and the future. It means becoming aware of the time and quality of our life. It means maturity and enjoyment and a transition in our lives with different physical and hormonal changes. On the other side of 40, you are noticeably confronted with signs of getting old. Until now, this was considered inevitable. Now countermeasures are in favour of ageing. With special herbs for that extra in quality of life, vitality, desire and radiance.

Nips at the bud

Problems develop slowly, but surely. Often, they first are only small hints and then gradually in an indiscernible speed, over the months, they become stronger.

Future is in prevention

The principle of all anti-ageing concepts is prevention. Increasing numbers of men are making use of the option to remain young, fit, attractive and healthy for longer. A healthy lifestyle is indispensable for it. Besides good nutrition and physical exercise, another crucial preventive measure is an anti-ageing program with the objective of counteracting the stealthy ageing process.

Everyone can become younger and remain that way

Good-looking, attractive and coveted: We have always dreamt of stopping time and to rejuvenate our appearance. Today, in the 3rd millennium, we are much closer to fulfilling this wish.

VitAge 120® Men's Best

Immune system, pro-aging, endocrine system, potency

Complex with 16 bioactive contents from vegetables, fruits and herbs, manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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