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Quinta Essentia 21

Energy is the absolute basis of all forms of life and material in the universe. Energy is a dynamic force that flows through our bodies in a constant stream. Sufficient energy is a requirement for health and vitality. Lac of energy means weakening of body and is therefore the first step towards ageing and sickness.

  • The selected herbs provide energy and harmony to all organs and functions so that there is an energy equilibrium in the organs, thereby strengthening and revitalising them.
  • This is a combination of 21 fresh plants. They say “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” – reminding us that comprehensive efficiency and support of all organ functions is essential.
  • It contributes towards daily support for detoxification and digestive processes in the body and therefore towards better performance, well-being and health.

Emotional Match:

Helpful in all circumstances. I no longer need a spacer and protective wall (overweight), I am in self-love with me and willing to change.

Complex made of 21 bio-active ingredients, combined and guided by the Paracelsus alchemy.


Combination Organ-System Classifications
Witch hazel Skin, mucous membranes
Calamus Stomach, anti-flatulent, promotes metabolism
Milk thistle Liver and gall bladder
Buckwheat Blood vessels, lymph
Horse chestnut Blood vessels, lymph
Mullein Lungs, bronchioles, joints
Mistletoe Blood vessels, circulation, immune system
Common horsetail Detoxification, nerves, connective tissues
Hawthorn Heart and circulation
Dandelion Liver and gall bladder
Coriander Detoxification, stomach
Carline thistle Kidney, bladder, lymph
Masterwort Skin, body warming
Bogbean Stomach, bowel, liver, gall bladder
Blessed thistle Pancreas, spleen, duodenum
Centaury Detoxification, stomach,
Ground ivy Lungs, bronchioles, cardiovascular circulation
Angelica Stomach, bowel
Elder Niere, Blase, Hautausscheidung
Lovage Kidney, bladder, lymph
Grape seed Vascular system, brain, defence systems

Detoxification, purification, de-acidification for fighting premature ageing

Our health crucially depends on how well our excretory organs function. If the excretory functions are compromised, our body is poisoned. Today’s living conditions are very stressful for many people and often cause them stress. Stress compromises excretory functions and makes the toxicity of the body even worse.

Detoxification and purification mean freeing the body from unnecessary and damaging substances and fluctuations. These include good bowel activities, excretory organ functioning, excretion of metabolic waste and removal of existing deposits. These are the basic pre-requisites to maintain or improve the functionality of the body.

The less stress, the healthier the person

Deposits, environmental pollutants, parasites, fungi, and other strains must be removed and released through a general cleansing of the organism. Damaging radiations contaminate the body, reduce physical and mental abilities and become increasingly more dangerous as causes of chronic illnesses.


Hyper-acidity is one of the common culprits of our times. Almost every sickness is linked to hyper-acidity.

Due to its special composition, Quinta Essentia 21 is capable of releasing and eliminating the acidic deposits and wastes, thus normalising the acid-base balance. Basic bitterns support the body in finding its balance and boost digestive powers, gland activity, clean and form blood, improve defences and tone tissues.

Quinta Essentia 21

Acids-base balance, strains, connective tissue

Cardinal tincture with 21 fresh plants for purification, de-acidification and general cleansing. Quinta Essentia helps to neutralise excess deposits, environmental toxins, fungi and other strains as well as with releasing and eliminating acids and deposits and normalising the acid-base balance. Basic bitterns help in digestion, activate glands, clean and make blood, enhance defence mechanism, and scaffold tissues. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus.

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