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Equalise deficits – Reduce risks with the Evolution Vital Substance Cell Protection Program

Evolution Cell Protection Program

  • The credit rating of our health account needs to be strengthened when the debit rating has already been compromised with some illnesses. 
  • The effect of risk factors that can be influenced by nutrient intake should be reduced by deliberate daily intake of nutrients.
  • This is sure to improve the scope of performance of the organs,  and slow down the downward spiral of degradation

Lack of physical exercise, environmental pollutants in food, polluted air, nicotine, stress etc. challenge our bodies with too many unstable oxygen molecules. These so-called FREE RADICALS interfere massively in cell metabolism and damage tissues and organs. They are actively involved as one of most common causes of fatality in industrial nations. They can best be fought with ANTI-OXIDANTS or RADICAL SCAVENGERS. Worldwide, there are more than 10,000 studies on the proven effects of antioxidants.

Evolution Cell Protection Program

Evolution Research has developed and created a special cell protection program as a dietary supplement. 

A special dietary supplement product for your daily nutrition:

  • with a cell protecting and vitalisation combination 
  • with a need-based dosage  with a balanced and sensible composition

Our special manufacturing procedure ensures that the vital substances reach all body cells, because the difference of health and sickness is decided at cellular level.

The effect of our Evolution cell protection program has been tested and confirmed. 

Recommended by experts!


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Cell Protection – take it daily; better still, lifelong

Besides a healthy lifestyle, a cell protection system is the best prevention to remain young and healthy for a long time in today's world.

Cell Protection Program for Whom?

  • for every person
  • for the old and young
  • for increased physical and mental stress 
  • for amateur and professional athletes
  • in convalescence
  • supports conventional treatments

Take responsibility!
Stop premature ageing! Stay healthy!

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